Frequently Asked Questions


What is the texture of the Pre-textured patches?

The standard texture of our pre-textured wall patches and Stress Crack Tape is what is called an orange peel finish. 

What is the finish of the Pre-Textured Popcorn Patch?

The Popcorn Patch is manufactured in a medium to heavy finish. 

Can you make custom textures?

Yes we can manufacture any of our products in any finish that you may need. For example we can make you heavy a knockdown, heavy orange peel, skip trowel, light popcorn, very heavy popcorn.

Can your textured wall patches be used on ceilings?

Yes. All our self-adhesive products can be used on any wall or ceiling. Walls and ceiling are typically made from the exact same material. Normally drywall, also known as wallboard. Just because the product might be a wall patch does not mean it cannot be used on a ceiling. Same goes for a ceiling patch working on your walls. 

How long does it normally take if we order a custom texture?

If you want to order a custom texture we would need you to call us. We can then provide you with a realistic timeline. Sometimes it will be very quick, and other times it will be long. It depends on our production schedule at the time.

What do you need from us to make a custom texture for our application?

In order for us to make you a custom textured product. We would need you to send us an image of the texture you are trying to match. Please understand we will do our best to match your provided image. Though we cannot guarantee it to be a perfect match.